Economical and envionmentally friendly packaging solutions

Choose the environmentally
(and economically) friendly option!

Carton Traders can supply all your packaging needs, whether new or used, at a competitive price that will save your business money.

We are an environmentally concerned family owned West Australian based business established over 100 years ago. Our experience passed down through three generations will provide environmentally conscious, practical, economical and personal solutions to your packaging needs.


"Carton Traders was able to supply a great variety of products that saved our business heaps of money!"

"We were supplied a tailored solution to our packaging needs at a great price, delivery is quick and simple."

"Carton Traders made moving house painless!"

"We sell our leftover pallets to Carton Traders, they are excellent and are always professional."


Are you looking for a low cost, reliable, tailored packaging material supplier? We will take your business needs into consideration and provide products suited to your business at a competitive price.



Tired of throwing money down the drain? We purchase redundant and secondhand cartons/boxes and pallets that are in good condition. We provide a prompt and polite pick up and delivery service.



Does your business have environmental targets to reach? We can supply used boxes and pallets that will reduce the amount of landfill created, as well as saving your business money.